3 Tips To Help Test Simple, Affordable Improvements That Give Cars More Power

3 Tips To Help Test Simple, Affordable Improvements That Give Cars More Power

26 July

If you have a stock car, you may be interested in slightly increasing its performance. After all, better reaction times can help keep you safe in some cases. The improvements that you may want to do to your car can include changing the intake, adding exhaust and improving fuel consumption. You may also want to test these improvements to see how they actually improve your car’s performance. Here are some tips that can help you with these improvements to your car:

1. Installing An Aftermarket Intake System For Better Air Flow

Aftermarket air intake systems can be a great way to add power to your car. They improve air flow and fuel mixture. This is something simple that can easily be done by anyone with a little bit of mechanical skills. If you want to have more power, you may want to consider a filter-less intake, which can be ideal for cars that are for racing or custom cars for shows. Other options include washable filters, which can also save you on changing the filters.

2. New Exhaust To Give Your Car A Better Sound And More Power

You may also want to consider replacing the exhaust system, which is something that is best handled by a professional auto shop that deals with exhaust. This can be wider pipes and intake or dual exhaust for V6 and V8 motors. Adding a new exhaust can improve flow and give your car more power. True dual exhaust will give you the most benefit. If you choose one of the other options, you may want to do a dyno test before and after these improvements to see if they make a difference in improvements.

3. Aftermarket Chips That Can Improve Power, Performance And Fuel Mileage

Aftermarket chips are another improvement that you may want to consider for your car. Today, car computer chips can do a lot more than just give you extra power. They can be used for real time monitoring, fuel efficiency and adjustments to the fuel and air mixture of your car. The new computer chip can give you records of your car’s performance, as well as the best settings for gas mileage if you drive it daily.

These are some tips that can help you find out the best improvements to increase your car’s power. If you have done improvements and want to see how much more power you have added, contact a dyno testing service to help you evaluate your car’s horse power. You can click here for more information on dyno testing.