Questions To Ask Before You Get Automotive Components Chrome-Plated

Questions To Ask Before You Get Automotive Components Chrome-Plated

05 June

If you’re new to the hobby of restoring a vintage automobile, you’ll find that even if you’re able to do the lion’s share of the work on your own, you’ll need to partner with local businesses that provide various automotive services. Among these businesses is a chrome company that can take your old car parts, strip them down and cover them with chrome plating to make them sparkle. There might be numerous businesses in your city that provide this service, so it’s a good idea to visit a couple shops, have a representative talk you through the process and give you the chance to ask some questions. The answers to these questions can help you pick the right chrome plating service for your automotive restoration project.

How Do I Need To Prepare The Individual Automotive Components For You?

You want to hire a chrome plating service that takes arduous tasks off your plate, so asking this question will help you find the businesses that will handle duties you don’t want to. Look for a service that simply asks you to drop off the part that you want chromed. Having to sand off the original coating on your part is a time-consuming, challenging job and something that probably won’t bring you much joy. Many companies will handle the preparation tasks for you, meaning that all you’ll need to do is the remove the part in question from the vehicle and deliver it to the shop.

Can You Provide Me With Photos Along The Way?

Many classic car restorers love keeping a photo album of images that depict the multitude of steps from the start of the restoration project to the end, both for their own enjoyment and to share with other enthusiasts at car shows. Ask if the chrome plating service will shoot some digital images of your parts when they’re dropped off, when the previous coating has been removed and, finally, when the chrome plating is complete.

Do You Ever Have To Send Parts Away?

It’s ideal to hire a shop that does all of its work in-house. While it’s not necessarily detrimental if the shop needs to occasionally partner with another shop for certain projects, this can delay the speed at which you get your components back. A shop that handles all its work in-house can also give you an accurate timeline as to when you’ll receive your parts back, which is especially advantageous if you’re working under tight deadlines to get ready for an upcoming car show. Click here to learn more about hard chrome plating.