Stay Cool In Your RV This Summer

Stay Cool In Your RV This Summer

11 May

One of the most fascinating things about heading out in a RV during the summer is that it allows you to be immersed in nature. However, this can sometimes be a bad thing. On a hot summer day, if the temperature inside your camper is the same as the outside air temperature, your experience will be less than enjoyable. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help keep your RV cooler that doesn’t involve keeping the A/C on the entire time.

RV Positioning 

Ideally, it would be best to park your RV in a shady, wooded area to keep cool. However, in every location this simply isn’t an option. When you can’t park in the shade, it’s important to at least position the vehicle wisely. First, consider what side of your RV has the most windows. The side with the most windows should be positioned opposite the direction of the midday sun, which is when the sun is its hottest.

Since windows are highly susceptible to heat transmission, basically minimizing the number of windows exposed to direct sunlight can be helpful. If you have an equal number of windows on each side, position the side with the door away from the sun.

Mylar Insulation

Consider purchasing a roll of Mylar insulation. Mylar is a reflective type of insulation that is designed from a mixture of aluminum and polyester. This combination allows it to create a barrier that prevents radiant heat from transmitting into your vehicle, which can inherently keep the temperature inside the RV cooler by limiting the introduction of more heat into the air.

Unlike some other conventional insulation methods, it is not messy and can easily be cut to suit the size of your windows and stored away when not in use. Mylar insulation rolls are generally available at most hardware or home improvement stores.

LED Lights

If you currently use incandescent lights in your RV, consider upgrading to LED lighting. Incandescent lights don’t just illuminate a space; they can also heat it up. You might not consider heat from light to be an issue, but if you have several extremely warm bulbs in a small space, there will be an effect.

Some models of incandescent bulbs operate at a temperature as high as 327 degrees, while an LED bulb may only operate at 107 degrees. It’s not to say that LED lights don’t produce any heat, but they don’t compare to incandescent lights. As an added bonus, they also won’t attract bugs each time you open your door.

Don’t let heat put a damper on your summer RV vacation. Make sure you are making efforts to keep cool this summer.