Four Reasons To Choose Compact Shelving For Library Renovation Projects

Four Reasons To Choose Compact Shelving For Library Renovation Projects

18 January

If you are a decision maker for a library that needs renovation or upgrade attention, shelving is likely one area you are considering making upgrades to. There are numerous options for shelving, and compact shelving is one that should be considered due to the benefits it can provide. The following are primary benefits of compact shelving.

Energy Saving

Investing in compact shelving may result in reduced energy consumption. This is because the areas used to store books need to be well-lit, and putting books in a smaller storage area could mean that less light is needed in areas where books are not stored.

The areas where books are stored may also require adequate ventilation. This means that you may need to keep your HVAC system running to ensure that humidity does not negatively impact the integrity of books and other types of media. By focusing storage in a centralized smaller area, you may be able to reduce your heating, ventilation and cooling costs by utilizing a split system that allows you to adjust temperatures in each area of the library. 

Cost Saving

Your renovation project is likely on a budget. You can make the best use of the budget by opting for compact shelving. For example, if lack of adequate storage space for books is a concern, investing in compact shelving would likely be cheaper than adding on extra space to the building or relocating the library to a new location under a new mortgage or lease.

Space Saving 

The most immediate benefit you will likely experience from investing in compact shelving is more space. This means that you will not have to give away books to accommodate a smaller book storage area. You also will not have to inconvenience patrons by storing books off-site.

A library shelving provider is the best resource to use to determine which type of compact shelving will “free up” the most space in your library. Imagine being able to store twice the amount of books on new shelves in less space than your current shelves occupy.

Time Saving

Many of today’s libraries serve more of a function than a place to read, study and rent books. You can ensure that your library renovation project is geared to a one-stop solution by investing in compact storage. Consider using the extra space to provide additional amenities to your library’s visitors. For example, if a significant amount of empty space is available, you could use it for a coffee shop area, which would aid in ensuring that patrons have a reserved area to consume food and beverages. It is also a way to earn revenue for the library, which can be used to update technology or make other improvements.