Three Electrical Upgrades That You Can Invest In To Reduce Your Utility Bills

Three Electrical Upgrades That You Can Invest In To Reduce Your Utility Bills

13 November

Today, there are many different areas that can be improved in your home to reduce energy consumption. This can include things like HVAC and adding insulation. You can also invest in improvements to your electrical system to reduce energy costs. This can include new lighting and outlets that monitor energy consumption. Here are some modern electrical upgrades that will help you reduce your electricity consumption:

1. Investing In New Lighting To Reduce Electricity Use

If you want to be able to reduce your utility bills, improving lighting is an affordable option. This can be done by installing new fixtures and using new lighting technology, such as LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. If you want to do these improvements on a budget, you can start with one room and do one area of your home at a time to make it a more affordable project for you. Starting with compact fluorescent bulbs can help reduce electricity consumption, and you can slowly convert all the lights to LED technology, which is costs a lot more but uses a lot less electricity.

2. Adding Metered Outlets To Monitor Consumption Of Appliances

Today, there are also many options available for home automation that can help you save. One option is metered outlets, which can tell you the energy consumption of appliances. These can be used in areas like living rooms or a home office to watch the electrical consumption. You can see what appliances use the most electricity and how you can limit the use of these devices to help lower your electric bill. You can also have these with timers on them, so you can set them to turn off during times when you are not using them.

3. Updating Old Fuse Boxes And Adding A Digital Meter To The Electrical Service

Old fuse and breaker boxes can also have an impact on your electrical consumption. They may be outdated and use old technology that causes your home to use more energy than is needed. You may want to have these replaced with newer boxes that reduce your electrical consumption, which can include things like timers for exterior lighting and other electrical installations. When you do this, you can also have the old meter replaced with a newer digital meter that is more accurate.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider investing in to reduce your electrical consumption. If you need help upgrading the electrical systems in your home, contact an electrician (like Cole Electric Inc) and talk with them about the best solutions for your home and your budget.