Three Tips To Keep Your Steel Work Site Safe

Three Tips To Keep Your Steel Work Site Safe

09 September

Steel workers and fabricators take on a certain level of risk when it comes to performing their work. For this reason, if you work in the metal fabrication industry, there are some critical things to look out for. To maximize on the work that you handle on a daily basis, while staying safe, read on and put the following tips into good use. 

Tip #1: Learn The Ways To Avoid Falls On The Work Site

Falls on the work site put your employees at risk and can cause you serious money and open you up to financial and legal liabilities. Any unfinished areas of the steel work site should be reinforced to the point that falls are not an issue. For instance, make bracing your walls a priority, especially at the entry and exit points where contractors frequently travel. If you use any holes in the floor to get rid of waste, make sure that it is no more than a quarter of the size of the entire floor. Further, never allow workers to enter the area until and unless you are sure it is 100 percent safe and secure, with all obstacles taken care of. 

Tip #2: Stay Up To Par With Occupational Codes

When working in the steel industry, you are subject to certain occupational health and safety codes. These codes open you up to inspections on a regular basis that can compromise your operation if you fail. For this reason, you should remain abreast of points and changes in OSH codes and run audits of your own. When you run your own internal audits, you’ll be in a good position to catch any red flags before having a municipal official catch them. Handling these points on your own will keep your steel work site viable. 

Tip #3: Keep Your Crew Informed And Make Adjustments As Time Goes On

Every single day at your steel site will be different, so make sure that you and your team are prepared for adjustments. A great way to go about this is to hold safety meetings daily, while also keeping strict inventory of personnel and materials. This will allow you to focus on specific areas of steel fabrication that workers will handle that day, in order to counteract potential health and safety concerns that might arise. When you keep your crews informed and make adjustments as needed, you will minimize risk and injury until the project is complete. 

Use these three tips so that your work environment is safe during steel fabrication and talk with other steel fabricator companies, like Simko Industrial Fabricators, for more information and tips.