Five Ways To Use Pneumatic Tubes In Your Business

Five Ways To Use Pneumatic Tubes In Your Business

14 July

Remember those tubes that department stores used to employ to rush your cash or credit card slip to a central cashier? This technology, first used in the Victorian era, is still relevant today, even in this digital era. Pneumatic tubes provide an easy and affordable way to transport money, paperwork and even products.

What are pneumatic tubes?

Pneumatic tubes are pressurized tubes that propel closed cylinders rapidly from one end of the tube to the other. Though similar to pipelines, pneumatic tubes are designed to transport solid objects rather than liquids. There are a number of benefits to using pneumatic tubes. They can help a business centralize and streamline functions, such as cash handling and materials management. They can also help a company save on personnel costs by making it easier for one person to serve several customers at one time. Lastly, pneumatic tubes are more affordable than many, more modern solutions.

Using pneumatic tubes in business

1. Banks. One of the most visible uses of pneumatic tubes today is in the drive-through lanes at your local bank. Many small branches use these tubes to whisk money and deposit information to customers in the outer lanes. This way one teller can help two or three people at the same time.

2. Medical facilities. Hospitals and other health care facilities use pneumatic tubes to transport prescriptions and other medical supplies to nurses’ stations as well as to send samples from the different stations to the lab.

3. Manufacturing plants. Manufacturing facilities can also benefit from pneumatic tubes. This supply lines can get parts to workers on the production line quickly and help to prevent delays.

4. Retailers. Pneumatic tubes are still used by small retailers to centralize cashier functions, while still allowing customers to check out quickly. The tubes connect the individual check-out stations to one cashier who gives change and processes credit card payments.

5. Food Service. Pneumatic tubes are even being used by restaurants around the globe as a food delivery system. Metal capsules enclose the food and whisk it piping hot from the kitchen to customers’ tables. 

Pneumatic tubes may have originated in the Victorian age. However, this way of expediting money and materials is still useful today. Whether you manage a branch bank, a medical facility or a business with a drive through window, pneumatic tubes can help you serve your customers more quickly and more efficiently. 

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