Three Simple Fixes For Your Business’s Comfort System

Three Simple Fixes For Your Business’s Comfort System

11 May

Let’s be honest, calling on the assistance of a heating or air conditioning repair technician isn’t exactly something you want to do. This step is even more unpleasant when the technician hands you a bill for an issue that you could have easily resolved on your own. As a business owner, there are a number of small things you should know how to check on your own before you actually call on a repair technician. Familiarizing yourself with these steps won’t just save you time, but also money.

Plugged Air Filter

One of the more common reasons for an issue with your heating or cooling unit is a plugged filter. With normal operation, dust, dirt and other debris can easily get trapped on the filter, limiting the amount of airflow throughout the system.

Consequently, much of the warm or cold air generated by the system gets trapped inside the unit, instead of flowing throughout your business. It’s imperative that you are replacing or cleaning your filter on a regular basis. For most business owners, this is a process that should be competed one to two times a month.

Thermostat Issue

If the issue with your unit is a thermostat that won’t power on, don’t panic right away. If you’re using a modern heating or cooling system, you likely have a digital thermostat installed.

With all the other demands that come along with being a business owner, it’s fairly easy to forget to replace the batteries in the thermostat. However, if you don’t replace the batteries, the thermostat won’t work. Before calling on a technician, see if replacing the batteries is a quick fix.

Closed Registers

If you’ve turned your unit on and it seems to be working in some areas of your business, but not others, closed registers are likely the blame. For example, the heat seems to be flowing everywhere except the rear offices of your business.

Before calling a heating technician, take a few moments to look at the vents to ensure they are fully open. Even a vent that is only partially open is enough to significantly restrict the flow of air. If they’re closed try opening them to see if that resolves your issue.

In the event you’re unable to find the reason for a malfunction on your own, don’t hesitate to contact a professional technician like one from Mercury Tec. While it’s good to have some general knowledge of your system, you should ultimately be relying the expertise of a trained professional.  

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