Protect The Environment By Safely Disposing Of Your Electronics

Protect The Environment By Safely Disposing Of Your Electronics

11 December

The world’s landfills are quickly filling up with electronic equipment. Computers, laptops, cell phones and video games are some examples of the electronics you can find in landfills, most of them poisoning the soil and water with lead, mercury or beryllium.  Many people disposing of their electronics at landfills may not realize the danger there is in doing so. Find out more about these dangers and how you can safely dispose of your electronic equipment.

Look For Experts Participating In E-Waste Recycling

 When making choices for an e-recycler, you want to know the electronics you are tossing out are being properly recycles. Some e-recyclers have been known to dump e-waste into illegal landfills, increasing the huge problem of toxins making their way into soil and groundwater sources. The e-recycler you select should be a certified e-Steward. An e-Steward can be trusted to properly dispose of electronics.

Some Organizations Dispose Of E-Waste Properly

Some electronic retailers work to ensure a safer, cleaner environment. The retailer you shop at the most for your electronics may be able to safely dispose of your old computers and other electronics. At some electronic retailers, you may be able to receive cash for your disposal that can be used towards the purchase of products sold at that particular store.

Donations Can Be An Even Better Option

If your old electronics still work, donating them to needy organizations is the best way to dispose of them. Places like non-profit rehabilitation centers, churches and homeless shelters can use computers or televisions you do not need anymore. Many schools can use electronics as well. If there are thrift shops in your community, you might also consider donating your electronics to them. Before you head off to the recycler, be sure to check out your options for donating first.

Ask Around At The Chamber of Commerce Or Other Local Government Offices

Communities everywhere have designated times and days for gathering old electronics together for their proper disposal. These designated times have been put together due to the safety and environmental hazards associated with e-waste in landfills. Learn more about how you can do your part in your community about properly disposing of electronics.

Recycling your old cell phones, radios and more can make a huge difference in the impact electronic waste is making on the environment. When everyone does their part, the problems with e-waste in landfills around the globe can become smaller and easier to manage. For more information, visit sites like

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