The Importance Of Prompt Repair For Concrete Industrial Floors

The Importance Of Prompt Repair For Concrete Industrial Floors

24 November

You know that the concrete floor in your manufacturing plant needs repairs, but you may be tempted to put the project off. It’s actually very important to not delay having these flaws fixed. Flaws in the floor will only get worse and more expensive to repair as time passes. In addition, they can cause immediate and expensive problems. 

Potential for Employee Injuries

Holes, cracks and heaving in a concrete floor can lead to employees tripping and falling. Uneven surfaces caused by rippling lead to problems as well. You could wind up with a lost-time accident and an employee who either collects workers compensation while recovering from an injury or who must be assigned to a light-duty task. 

It may seem unlikely that a worker could suffer a lost-time injury simply from tripping on a floor. However, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics research has found that 66 percent of non-fatal injuries resulting in at least one day away from work involve falling on the same floor level — not from a height or upper story. Workers even become injured when they trip and don’t fall, as they may twist their body abnormally while reacting. 

Hundreds of thousands of these workplace injuries occur in a given year. 

Risk of Further Floor Deterioration

Once a hole or crack in a concrete floor develops, it’s likely to get worse. Cracks become longer and wider. They can expand into crazing, which weakens the floor. That’s especially the case if the floor experiences heavy traffic from equipment such as forklift trucks. Delaying repair work for a relatively minor problem typically leads to a more expensive repair job. 

Problems With Concrete Dust

When holes develop in concrete, dust becomes airborne as the material crumbles. If this occurs in an area of your building that must be kept clean, you’ve got problems. Maybe the dust settles on products that are to be sold, or on sensitive equipment, such as computerized devices. 

Customer and Employee Perception

If customers — or possible future customers — are ever brought on tours through the manufacturing plant, they will take note of any issues that indicate a lack of concern for quality and safety. Flaws in the concrete floor qualify. In a competitive business market, you don’t need any negative perceptions resulting from the state of the workplace environment.

Employee attitudes also may be better if they see that factory owners and managers put a priority on keeping the workplace safe and looking professional. 

Concluding Thoughts

Contact industrial floor repair services for estimates on getting the work done. You’ll save the company further expense, boost employee satisfaction and customer confidence, and avoid the headaches of lost-time accidents. To have your floor repaired correctly, be sure to contact a professional such as T. Luckey Sons’ Inc.

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