Tips On Making Money By Recycling Aluminum Cans

Tips On Making Money By Recycling Aluminum Cans

19 November

Recycling is an activity that not only benefits the environment but can also benefit your wallet by giving you more money to spend. When it comes to recycling for money, it’s best to stick with aluminum cans. Here are a few tips that will help you make money recycling aluminum cans.

Bottle Bills

There are many states, such as Oregon, California, and Connecticut, that have bottle deposit laws, which are often referred to as bottle bills. In these states, you can redeem the aluminum cans that you buy for cash. Whenever you purchase a product that is in an aluminum can, you pay a deposit that is usually five to ten cents, according to To get this deposit back, you will have to redeem the empty container. While you won’t make a fortune by redeeming aluminum cans, you can definitely make some spending money if you’re diligent. Also, you can redeem aluminum cans even if you didn’t purchase it. If someone throw the aluminum can away, you can simply get the deposit for them.

Locate Deposit Centers

In most states, it is necessary to locate multiple deposit centers if you plan on depositing many aluminum cans every day. The vast majority of deposit centers have a limit as to how many aluminum containers a group or person can turn in each day. Often times, this limit encompasses both aluminum cans and water bottles. For example, a local deposit center may only allow you to deposit 150 aluminum cans and water bottles, not 150 aluminum cans and 150 water bottles. In general, the limit ranges from about 50 to a few hundred containers.

Deposit centers are usually found near supermarkets and beverage stores. Usually, the deposit is located within the actual store or adjacent to the store for easy access. If you don’t have many deposit centers in your community, you can also make money by visiting recycling centers. Such centers usually pay for aluminum cans by weight and are located on the grounds of firms that deal with paper or scrap metal.

As you can see, there are many ways you can make a little extra spending money by recycling aluminum cans. This is especially true if your state has bottle deposit bills, and there are many deposit centers nearby. Even if can take advantage of bottle bills, you can always recycle the aluminum cans at a recycling center instead, like Koscove Metal Inc..

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